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Studio Space...3, 2, 1....+ 19 ! Launching early September

Aloha all, and welcome to, or welcome back to...Harmonize Bodyworks & Beauty, the best Massage Studio in Thornton (NSW 2322) 😉🙏

Some exciting news to share...The stand-alone studio is nearly completed and ready to launch, I have been busily working away in the background to make sure the doors are ready to open ASAP after it arrives !!!

In the meantime, the Studio is still open and running in it's current shared space, however I and my family cannot wait to be able to separate work and play, when the brand spanking new, Studio doors open in September!

Check out the video below for a sneak peak of the build in progress!

If you haven't already, make sure to enter the FB comp running, for a chance to win a free Massage. Enter here or grab a bargain right now! Booking before 15/08/22 ?? Enter code 'Mahalo' at check out to grab $10 off any 60min+ Massage.

Mahalo Nui, Bel

Launching September - Lumiere Luxe Massage range...

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