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Behind the Business.

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Just a quick intro post to test the waters of this blog and say hi - Hi !

A local to Thornton, NSW just like you (hopefully, or else, you're probably on the wrong page!), I started out as a Personal Trainer almost 10 years ago, spending many years growing and guiding my business into a warm, nurturing yet killer & super effective Bootcamp system, until I toddled off into the corporate world for a couple of years, searching for that elusive 9-5 role! Utilising my skills in Injury Management on the other side of the desk assisting clients, in conjunction with their health care providers to get back to work after incurring a workplace injury, it was great and I learned a lot from professionals my senior but I missed physically being with my clients, facilitating the change, not just coordinating it from behind a desk.

So, I followed the pull back into the Health Industry as a Massage Therapist, studying Remedial Massage...insert short pause for the virus that gripped the world and ground it to a halt...🙅

Post Covid speed bump, I picked back up in 2021, expanding into Hawaiian Lomi Lomi and absolutely fell in love with the way such a gentle Massage can heal the body whilst also freeing the mind in such a deep way it has to be experienced to be understood, as a largely black and white person, it was quite a stunning awakening for me.

Forever pulled between the scientific principles of Remedial Massage Therapy, and the Beauty of the physical and mental health benefits of Spiritual based Hawaiian Therapies, Harmonize Bodyworks & Beauty was born, a place where both can shine, and be shared in harmony with each other.

I truly adore and feel very blessed to do what I do, regularly studying, attending professional training and honing my skillset to ensure that each and every massage provides the desires health benefits, whether physical, mental wellbeing or both.

Welcome to the new clients coming through and thank you to the existing, for your support, and entrusting me with your bodyworks. See you in the HB&B Studio soon - Aloha


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